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  Frequently asked Questions

Is there a fee for a first consultation?

No, the first consultation is free. We would like to get together with you, get to know your project needs, your budget, and discuss the overall feasibility.

How do I get started remodeling my home?

Give us a call, write us an email we will visit you at your convenience and discuss your project!

Can you do custom design build?

Through our relationship with some of the areas top architects we will start with an overall outline of your project, work with you to develop a project budget, and design a project that fits your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Having the design and construction team present through this process not only saves time but also insures that every detail of the design is executed exactly as you wish.


Can I stay in my house during the remodeling project?

Obviously this depends on the project but in most cases the answer is yes. Our professional team will seal off work areas to contain dust and construction traffic. However, in some whole house remodeling projects or other special situations we may discuss relocation for some or all of the project time frame.

How soon can you start my project?

We will schedule our first visit to your home within one week of your first contact. From that point we will begin work on the design and pricing portions of your project almost immediately. The start of the construction phase of your project will be determined by the scope of the design necessary and sometimes the selection of the various products for your home. We can provide you with a realistic time frame after our first meeting at your home.

Will the price change?

Our fixed price contracts are just that, fixed prices. If we construct the project in the way it is outline in our contract you can take that number to the bank! This is another reason to invest time in the planning process.

What types of projects do you specialize in?

Residential remodeling is our main focus. Most of our projects consist of additions, kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling. In addition to these we build decks, screened porches, and other outdoor living spaces.  Our affiliate company Just Tankless offers additional Services.

Do you offer interior design services?

Yes. Our interior designers will help you select just the right mix of colors and textures for your project. After all, we want to help you build your dream home.

Can you help with financing?

While we do not offer financing directly we do have contacts with some competitive banks and mortgage lenders that we are happy to share with you.